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Branch systems, a short review on how to deal with branches in pump systems, August 2021.
Branch systemspdf button image

Understanding liquids in movement better. How moving liquids compares to moving solidspdf button image

There is no reason why anyone should not be able to go out and buy a pump, do the installation, and be satisfied with the results.
pump basics

Why do we use head as a measurement of a pump’s capacity and not pressure? The short answer is that it is more appropriate. We need different terms to explain the movement of liquids; to move liquids we use pressure, for solids we use a force. The term head which is energy per unit weight of liquid displaced is used to explain how much energy a body of liquid at elevation can provide to the inlet of a pump for example. For solids, energy is a force times a distance with the force being applied in the same direction as the movement of the object, for example lifting a weight up vertically.
Pressure or head

The document below is a primer on pump systems, it’s not required reading but will help the user with pump system concepts and terminology; and also, fascinating aspects of fluids in motion. If the Romans can do it, we can do it too, see the following document.
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The strange behavior of liquids pdf button image and also just day to day pumping situations. May 31, 2018

An interesting historical review pdf button image of pumps throuhout the ages. May 28, 2018

universal system                            

One formula for all systems, one to bind them all...There is only one formula pdf button image required to analyze any system, here is one page that explains the formula and another page with some examples pdf button image.

The relationship between velocity and flow pdf button image in a liquid system.

How to select a small pump small pump

A 2-page summary of formulas for analizing pump and liquid flow systems (total head and N.P.S.H.A.)
Pump system formulas web page icon    pdf format pdf button image Download an example calculation excel button image

How friction is radically different in small pipes vs large pipes for the same velocity and length

Friction, small vs large pipes    pdf format pdf button image
The calculations in Excel    excel button image

A solution to the Colebrook equation using Excel excel button image can be found here.

How high can you suspend water in a pipe? web page icon    pdf format pdf button image

The siphon, is it free energy? I think not. Also understanding how pressure varies in a pump system.

the siphonweb page icon    pdf format pdf button image

I find the terms pressure and head often get mixed up, here's my attempt to clarify this. Let's reveal what's behind the curtain. I'm calling this series of 3 articles "The Pump Companion"

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pressure and head as energyweb page icon    pdf format pdf button image

These apps allow you to make calculations directly on a web page (no java applets) or on your mobile browser. You can calculate: velocity, head from pressure, pipe friction, N.P.S.H.A, submergence requirement, specific speed, suction specific speed and pipe dimensions. Web apps web page icon.

This video is a blackboard style presentation that shows how to develop the all important flow schematic.

youtube logoPump and process part 1
Pump and process part 2
Presentation sketchespdf button image

This video is a blackboard style presentation that shows how friction is calculated with formulas.
youtube logo>Calculating friction with formulas
Presentation sketches pdf button image
This spreadsheet allows you to do your own calculations.
Excel spreadsheet to calculate pipe friction with the Colebrook equation excel button image

Low pressure from a venturi venturi how does it work? venturi

The siphon venturi, energy for nothing? siphon

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youtube logoVideo tutorials Why? Because you can get the gist of a subject in a minute when someone tells you about it.

1. Pumps and how they work. The basics: pumping from one tank to another Support document: Head and pressure formulas and sketchespdf button image
2. Determining flow and pump total head. Support document: Pipe friction tablespdf button image
3. More about pressure, head and the syphon
4. Branch systems
5. Suction or not
6. Specific gravity, head and pressure
7. Specific speed of a centrifugal pump
8. The venturi
9. Centrifugal pump performance curves part 1
10. Centrifugal pump performance curves part 2
11. System curve
12. Cavitation, what is it?
13. Minimum submersion height to avoid vortex formation
14. How to build an upside down aquarium in your dreams?

The following videos are a re-constitution of a presentation I gave in September 2014 to the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers of Calgary. It's a basic introduction to pump systems.

15a. Pumping and piping part 1, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15b. Pumping and piping part 2, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15c. Pumping and piping part 3, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15d. Pumping and piping part 4, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15e. Pumping and piping part 5, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15f. Pumping and piping part 6, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15g. Pumping and piping part 7, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
15h. Pumping and piping part 8, SPED presentation, Calgary March 27, 2013
16. Buying your first pump, Calgary October, 2013
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