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I. Cool fluid properties-viscosity

VIDEO - The effect of shear rate on certain solids bearing solutions. For more information on viscosity see the pump glossary.

III. Submergence level and vortex formation

VIDEO - Vortex formation in a suction tank. For more information on vortexes and pump intake submersion see the pump glossary.

IV. Pressure variation in the discharge line

VIDEO - Pressure variation in the discharge line of a pump.

V. Static head and friction

VIDEO - The effect of static head and friction on pump flow rate. For more information on this topic, see the pump system tutorial.

The author showing how you can boil water at room temperature. Click to start video.

VI. Boiling water room temperature

VIDEO - This experiment shows how you can boil water at room temperature. This experiment uses a venturi.

The author showing how to implode a can of pop. Click to start video.

VII. The power of atmospheric pressure

VIDEO - Check out the power of atmospheric pressure. For more information on atmospheric pressure see the pump glossary.

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