It can be difficult to find small pumps for home projects such as fountains or small water falls. Usually, if you do an internet search you will wind up on aquarium supply sites. These are not usually adequate for the job, often under-powered and no flow and head information.

There is one area that uses small pumps extensively, the residential thermal hot water panel supply sector. The pumps are used to move a glycol solution to the solar thermal panels and often through a radiant floor heating systems (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Solar hot water thermal system.

In the close loop system shown in figure 1, glycol has to be pumped up to the collector which could be 30-40 ft up. But since the energy is recovered on the down side there is no static head and the pump is only required to overcome friction head. This results in a very small pump with low power requirements. The pumps are directly mounted to the motor in a nice compact package with DC or AC motors. The DC motors can be powered by a PV solar panel for applications that are remotely located. If you are worried about corrosion many of these pumps are available in different materials such as stainless steel, bronze or iron.

PumpsVoltsWattsShut off head (ft)gpm at head
Taco 009F120168345 at 20 ft
Grundfos 26-96F1202053015 at 14 ft
Taco 011F1202113015 at 18 ft
Grundfos 15-42F120851610 at 9 ft
Taco 008F120951610 at 8 ft
Taco 006B1206285 at 5 ft
Grundfos 15-18SU1208575 at 5 ft
March 809-BR-HS 12VDC1250154 at 8 ft
March 809-BR 12VDC122073 at 3 ft
El-Sid 20PV direct122043 at 42 in.
El-Sid 10PV direct12103.32 at 35 in.

Table 1. List of small pumps for home projects.

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