Wait for the image download....This chart tells you what type of pump you have, click on a pump image and you get more information about what the typical applications are and who makes them, you can even get a typical parts drawing from the Hydraulic Institute.
Download the chartend suction (mag drive)rotating casingregenerative turbinevertical turbine with axial flow impellerbarrel or can pumpdeep well vertical turbine with submersible motorwet pit vertical turbinevertical radial  multi-stage split casehorizontal multi-stage axial split caseradial vertical split casehorizontal axial split caseaxial flowframe mounted ANSI B73.1centerline support for high temperatureswet pit voluteframe  mountedin-line separately coupledend suction in-line close coupledend suction (canned pump)end suction submersiblestandard end suction pump