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friction calc
Friction calculations for liquids

Imperial units Metric units

Flow (gpm):    small flow icon
Diameter (in):    small dia. icon
Viscosity ν(cSt):    small viscosity icon    typical values
Specific gravity SG:            small sg icon
Roughness ε(in):    small roughness icon expand img icon typical values
Length (ft):    small length icon
Relative roughness ε/d: 0.0009   small relative roughness icon
Velocity v (ft/s): 5.11   small velocity icon
Re: Reynolds no.: 79000     the flow is turbulent (> 4000)
f: Friction parameter: 0.02254   values for f on the Moody diagram
h/L: Friction factor (ft/100 ft pipe): 5.5
h: Friction (ft): 2.5
Friction power usage (hp): 0

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