Image content search on pumpfundamentals

The web page provides the ability to search the content of images with appropriate criteria providing an image matching the search term for this web site ONLY. This is particularly useful in technical subjects where images can be graphs, formulas and drawings; each of these reveals a particular aspect of the subject. The search method provides images related to the search term or subject, its function, its size or magnitude and its relationship to other related parts or ideas.

The subject is the main search criteria. The search on subject is enhanced by using the criterion of purpose and type of image. Each of these criteria is further subdivided to provide more discrimination and relevance of the search results.


The subject can be a word or portion thereof.


The category purpose has 2 choices: function and relationship, which can be selected as search criteria.

Function will provide images on different aspects of the subject, how it moves if it does and its purpose, how it functions and its effect on other related parts or ideas. Typically, function will be expressed as a drawing, photo or animation. Depending on the subject, the word function may also be interpreted as: purpose, interaction or definition.

Question function answers: how it behaves.

Relationship will describe the interaction between the subject and other terms. Typically, a relationship will be expressed as a graph, formula, table, drawing or applet. It also provides information on its size or magnitude.

Question relationship answers: how it is quantified in size and how it behaves with respect to other associated terms.


The different types of images are drawing, photo, graph, formula, animation and applets.