Pump articles from the past

April 1, 2009

PUMPWORLD The technical magazine on pumps and pump issues by Worthington.

Here are some articles produced by the Worthington pump company in 1975.

Small pumps, where can you find them

You may need a small pump for a fountain, a waterfall or maybe a hydronic system (underfloor heating). See this article for more info on what's available and where to find them.

The solution to how long it takes to empty a tank. There is a story behind this calculation that you might find interesting, how I made this calc some years ago and totally got it wrong.

Here's a spreadsheet that will allow you to do your own calulations for the time required to empty a reservoir.

Three guides on variable speed pumping to help you understand how, when and why variable speed drives can be used.

A collection of pump images has been started.

Install your own micro-hydro power station, find out how it's done at this link and do your own calculations with this applet.

On the formulas page, metric and imperial, many little java-applet calculators have been added beside most formulas so you can get instant results. The units are indicated in the formula.

Here's a neat piping data spreadsheet with all kinds on info on pipes, flanges, gizmos and claptraps probably more than you need, courtesy of our friend Paul at www.pipingdesign.com .

An on-line dictionary that you can use with any software just highlight the word and ctl-right-click, pretty neat.

This is an interesting article on how to determine whether to use a centrifugal or positive displacement PD pump by Viking pump.

The Pumps and Systems magazine have a web site called the Pump Zone. Their web site keeps archives of previous magazine issues in pdf format. This article in the September 2005 issue relates the best practices of pump installation and alignment, it's a good useful read. By the way the magazine is available for free in the US.

New tutorial on NPSHA for those who hate that stuffy word.

Find out about NPSHA is and how to calculate it.

Learn how cavitation and low NPSHA are related. Want to know what cavitation sounds like.

Checking the pump's specific speed

Pumps that run at higher speed are more efficient, saving you money continuously on power. Prior to your purchase, check to see if there is a pump suitable for your application that runs at a higher speed. For more information see CENTRIFUGAL PUMP TIPS.

What happens when you operate a centrifugal pump at different flows either smaller or higher than the B.E.P. flow.

What happens to a centrifugal pump when it operates at low or high flow from its B.E.P. Click here to view more information on recirculation in the pump glossary.

A new tutorial is available that shows how to calculate the total head and select a pump for a backyard fountain ( A BIG ONE).

Recenty someone e-mailed a question about something to do with a guide pin vs. the pump shaft. I had no idea what part he was talking about so I asked him to go to the Hydraulic Institute site to find this part in one of their great pump part diagrams and show me what he meant. This gave me an idea. I already have a pump type chart where you can find the major industrial pumps types used with a small image for each of them. When you click on the image you get more information about the pump, how it is used and who makes them. This is where I added a link for each pump to the HI site to show a parts diagram so we can all figure out in the future which part we are talking about. CHECK IT OUT!

Click here to see a parts list diagram for this pump

New applet that provides help when selecting the pipe diameter for your process. The applet will help you make a decision on the pipe size based on flow rate and velocity, power consumption and pipe installation costs. CHECK IT OUT!

The Goulds pump company has always provided an excellent technical section in their pump catalogue. Anyone doing pump system calculations and pump selection should give this a read. This document is now available on the web and this is a link to the index of the technical section.

The Pump Engineer magazine gives the book "Pump System Analysis and Centrifugal Pump Sizing" a great review. Find out more about the book HERE.

Video on the effect of static head and friction on pump flow rate.

A revamped pump glossary explaining pump and pump system terminology with many images and links.

A collection of centrifugal pump TIPS or guidelines for the pump system designer. What to do, what to avoid and what to consider.

This on-line tutorial is intended for everyone with an interest in centrifugal pumps. There is no math, just good, clear explanations of how it works.

Centrifugal pump tipsCalculate N.P.S.H.A, Predict cavitation, Predict centrifugal pump efficiency, Calculate head from pressure and many more.... ('nuff said).

The influence of fluid specific gravity or density on total head - Does specific gravity influence total head? If you measure the shut-off head of a centrifugal pump with pure water then replace the water with a denser solution such as a heavy concentration of salt in water, will you get the same shut-off head, the answer is YES. Find out why? See a video of this in action. Also find out what the influence of viscosity is on total head.

The affinity laws - A short description of how they are derived and the limitations on their use. This is an excerpt of Jacques Chaurette's (your moderator) book Pump System Analysis and Sizing.

Pump system total head calculation software comparison - A technical and commercial comparison of five suppliers of pump system software.

Pump and pump system trouble-shooting chart - A one page chart put together from various sources on possible causes of pump and pump system problems.

The maximum allowable pressure in pipes according to the pressure piping code ASME B31.3 - An article that gives an example on how to use the pressure piping code to determine the maximum pressure allowable.

This is an excellent treatment of the types of control systems for a centrifugal pump. Thanks to Walter Driedger of Colt Engineering a consulting engineering firm for the petro-chemical industry in Alberta, Canada.

An excellent article by Dusan Florjancic on the future and the past development of centrifugal pumps. The article was presented at the 17th Pump Users Symposium in Houston in March 2000.

A good complement to this article can be found on this web site.

Another really good article on the difference between centrifugal and PD pumps by C. Daniel Urquhart and Mark Wordley of Blackmer pumps.